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Financial clarity

Improved strategic decisions

Access to finance

Our financial systems reflect the size and complexity of your business. Our combined Management Account and Forecasting Systems enable easy input of historic data and the ability to quickly flex forecast data. Systems can be working models run by you or we can operate these on your behalf as we work with you in a Finance Director role. Model output only can be provided for one-off projects to keep costs down.

Why choose our Financial Systems?

We use our insight as bankers and qualified accountants to ensure you have the right data in the right format. You and your lenders can then make informed decisions and effectively monitor your business and its growth.

We know first-hand how inadequate information can hinder decisions. Our systems therefore help close the information gap.

Systems can be tailored to your business with easy input or download of historic data and the ability to quickly build and flex forecasts.

Features may include:

  • Management data in a user-friendly format for you and your lender
  • Data that consistently rolls forward from the latest actual data
  • Forecast sensitivities using easy switches between scenarios to stress test and compare
  • Integrated Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow data
  • Stand-alone Cash Flow systems
  • Debt and interest schedules for clarity on amount, term and type of funding
  • Detailed comparisons
  • Divisional drill down
  • Sector specific¬†
  • Covenant tests and headroom
  • Consolidation/Acquisition/MBO/Restructuring/Invoice Finance/International
  • Systems that can evolve with your business
  • Inbuilt integrity checks
  • The ability to evolve as your business grows

All our models are bespoke to reflect your needs – Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business.