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We give practical advice to help businesses succeed and grow. Since 2009, we have been providing businesses with the tools and support to manage cash, generate profit, make strategic decisions and fundraise. Prior to founding Forward Financials, we spent many years as Bank Relationship Managers, Credit Sanctioners, City Analysts and Accountants.  We therefore have a wide network of contacts, know what information is required and how to prepare it.

Flexible, Commercial, Listening to your needs.

Qualified Accountants and Qualified Bankers working for you within your business.

How we have helped clients

  • Financial systems and support to secure bank finance

    Issue: The business and its bankers required more detailed financial data
    Action: Forward Financials built a management accounting and forecasting system and provided Finance Director support so the business and its bankers could see the impact of strategic plans on debt and covenants.
    Result: Funding was agreed and bankers received quality monthly management information packs.

    “Working with Forward Financials has revolutionised our business and as a result of their work we were recently able to draw down new facilities and ensure our bankers received quality management information going forward.” 

    Buffie du Pon, Managing Director, Mix Pixie Ltd and I Like Music

  • Financial data to secure equity funding

    Issue: A working financial model was required to present historic and forecast data to equity funders to support an MBO.
    Action: Forward Financials built a robust, integrated model that was credible, flexible and easily audited.
    Result: Equity investors were able to swiftly complete their due diligence process and gain confidence to support the transaction.

    “Delphine built a financial model that brought together our historic and forecast data to support an MBO. She understood the requirements and issues immediately and met a tight deadline to ensure the deal team received a professional model that was credible, flexible and easily audited.  Her work made a significant contribution to the due diligence process to give the MBO funders confidence in the transaction.”

    Rob Clarke, CEO, Mode Print Solutions Ltd

  • Bespoke cash flow system for funding clarity

    Issue: Improve cash management and assess funding requirements.
    Action: Forward Financiclas worked closely with management to build a taillored cash flow forecasting system that focused on key business drivers and could evolve and be used for years to come.
    Result: Cash flow clarity and a realisation that with effective monitoring no additional finance was actually required saving time and money.

    Delphine has helped me look at my business in a whole new way…through her help and direction we have created the tools to help me properly run and understand my business…” 

    Mark West, Managing Director

  • Integrated models to support finance and covenant monitoring

    Issue: Finance support required to model international growth plans and their impact on financial covenants.
    Action: Forward Financials worked closely with the finance team to consolidate historic data and build a scenario based forecast to assess debt and covenant headroom.
    Result: Data produced supported a successful finance deal to enable expansion worldwide. The finance team were confident to monitor covenant compliance moving forward.

    “They worked seamlessly with management and APCER’s finance team to deliver a comprehensive solution which contributed to a successful restructuring and financing.”

    T Gopal Menon, Vice Chairman, APC Group

  • Financial data to support strategic decisions

    Issue: Concern over the viability of a new acquisition.
    Action: Forward Financials worked closely with the team to model the combined businesses.
    Result: Data generated enabled the client to see the positive impact of the acquisiiton and be confident it made sense financially before commiting to the risk.

    ”We contracted Forward Financials to help us assess our growth strategy and the viability of a potential acquisition.  We found Raemy to be an excellent sounding board.  She asked all the right questions to enable us to make the best decision for our business.

    Catriona Razic, Director, Inmarkets Ltd

  • Feedback from our lenders

    Issue: Clients unsure how to approach banks leading to information gaps and a protracted process.
    Action: Funding advice given  by Forward Financials and finance needs effectively communicated to banks supported by appropriate data.
    Result: A swift indicative offer provided by lenders saving time and uncertainty.

    John Davy, Senior Relationship Manager, NatWest Commercial Banking, Londonthe quality of the analysis provided was extremely well constructed and made the credit assessment process much easier to both understand and enable a quick positive credit sanction.

    Matt Edwardes, Corporate Manager, Handelsbanken, Hertfordshire…I can honestly say that the quality of proposal that she puts forward is second to none…it is clear to see that Delphine understands the dynamics of what makes a deal work for a commercial lender.

    Derek Granville, Commercial Banking Director, Metro Bank Plc, London…one of the best lending proposal packages I have seen prepared – adding tremendous value both to client and prospective lender.

    Richard Skelley, Relationship Director, Santander UK Plc, Londonthey have consistently delivered above and beyond expectations.  

    Mark Smith, Relationship Director, Barclays Bank Plc, Cambridgeshire…Delphine has really helped to give both the client and the bank much greater visibility on the financial performance of the business…   

    For full testimonials please see out testimonials page