Delphine Paterson FCCA ACIB: 07780336952

We provide support for one off projects or more regularly for as many days a month as you require. We work with you to enhance your existing team, fill any skills gaps and share our knowledge and experience.

We typically support businesses that have outgrown their existing finance team but do not need, or want the fixed cost of, a full time, qualified Finance Director.  We also assist businesses who find their finance team needs extra support whilst they undertake a specific project such as an acquisition or business restructure.

Often business owners themselves take on the role of Finance Director, working “in” the business as opposed to “on” the business.  This will ultimately restrict its growth so flexible professional support to lean on can free up time and provide a sounding board for important strategic decisions.

Qualified and experienced support

Key benefits include:

  • An experienced finance professional the business owner(s) can lean on
  • Financial support for strategic planning
  • Leadership that improves the confidence and productivity of the finance team
  • Introduction of smarter financial reporting systems and working practices
  • Tailored forecasts for intense cash flow management
  • A hands on approach to financial challenges and budget controls
  • Greater profitability through business analysis and focus on profit generators
  • A credible key point of contact for lenders and business partners
  • Comprehensive covenant data
  • Support in preparing a business for sale